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Military Mom Locks Kids In Room, Goes On Road Trip


Mama Helen ALWAYS told me, no matter what, to NEVER leave my kids at home alone under any circumstances! That’s why I’m in total shock that a military mom would do that to her kids! But get this, not to make a store run or anything close like that! But to leave her kids at home alone to go OUT OF TOWN! GIRL! Can you even imagine a three and four year old home alone for DAYS!

That’s what happened when one raggedy mama left her kids home alone to nearly starve, while she went out of town! She told a friend, that another friend was supposed to come over once a day to feed her four year old son and three year old daughter and change the diapers while she was away! The friend didn’t find any evidence when she went to the house and that’s when she alerted police! GOOD FOR HER!

Click here to read more about this trifling story!

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