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Holiday Jobs, Help Added To KJ’s Klassified

It’s Workin’ Women Wednesday and “Miss Community” added some great stuff to KJ’s Klassified just in time for the holiday season! There will be a job event going on at the Mesquite Employment Center today located at 2110 N. Galloway Ave, Suite 116.  Dress for success and possibly get hired on the spot!  Hiring from… Read more »

Omarosa Manigault-Newman Out At The White House

Looks like Omarosa Manigault-New is OUT at the White House!  According to reports, the former “Apprentice” star, who held a position in the communications department resigned and will be leaving her position to pursue other interests! Ummmm hummm… sounds like something is up with that, huh?  April Ryan seems to think so based upon a… Read more »

Who Is Alabama’s New Senator Doug Jones

Lots of folks are waking up wondering, WHO is the new Alabama Senator Doug James, who ousted former Senator, Roy Moore!  See what riding a horse  to the polls will getcha… a ride BACK OUT OF TOWN ON IT! LOL~ During a special election in Alabama, Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore to become the new… Read more »

Football Hall Of Famer, Others Suspended For Harassment

A Hall Of Famer And Other Football greats have been accused AND suspended for sexual misconduct!  HOF’er Marshall Faulk as well as Donovan McNabb and others have been accused of sexually harassing a former female NFL Network employee!  WOW!  This is not good!! Now get this, Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans have ALL… Read more »

Patti LaBelle Launches Line Of “Fancy Cakes”

Looks like Patti Labelle has launched a line of “Fancy Cakes” exclusively at Walmart!  LAAAAWRD Ha’Mercy!  If you thought the pies were something, wait until you hear about these cakes, tho! Ms Patti has a new line of so-called “fancy cakes” named after some of her most popular songs. There’s my FAVORITE, which is the “On… Read more »

Diddy Tops Beyonce As Highest Paid Entertainer

Diddy tops Beyonce as highest paid entertainer according to Forbes! In the article, Diddy tell Forbes, “I’m the average person.” “I started looking at business at the age of 12, [from] delivering newspapers to working in gas station bathrooms, or even doing things like being a background dancer or a stylist,” Click here to see… Read more »

Chris Bosh’s Mom Suspect In Drug Raid

Chris Bosh’s mother named a suspect in a drug raid!  Chris Bosh hasn’t been in the NBA since February 2016 and was released by the Heat this offseason. Bosh’s mother, Freida Bosh, was named by police as a subject of a drug trafficking investigation, according to TMZ Sports who first reported it! Click here for more…  

Halle Berry Dumps New Boo During Vacation

Gee, that was fast!  Halle Berry dumped her new boo in the middle of vacation!  GETCHO HAT AND GET OUTTA HERE!!!  LOL~  WOW!  That was REALLY fast! Berry was dating a much younger guy named Alex Da Kid!  He is a  35-year-old music producer and reportedly Halle dumped in  pretty ruthless manner recently! Peep what… Read more »

Tyrese’s Ex Shoots Down Green Card Marriage

Tyrese’s ex-wife shoots down green card marriage!  Norma Gibson fires back at the r&b singer after he made the confession he married her so she could become a citizen!  Girl, these two right here, tho? In a recent interview, Tyrese claimed he only married Gibson to make her a citizen and to be able to… Read more »

See Who Got Critic’s Choice Nominations

One things for sure! We love us a good movie and the actors who deliver on the roles to play their parts! Arguably one of the funniest movies of 2017 was “Girls Trip” especially its breakout star, the funny Tiffany Haddish! Haddish is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for a Critic’s Choice Award for her hilarious role! Also in the same category is… Read more »