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Wendy Williams Apologizes For Victim Blaming

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Wendy Williams has apologized for victim blaming!  ‘How You Dewin’ … Williams issued the apology after she made some comments that seemingly blamed the victim for her role in the sexual assault allegations against rapper Nelly! The talk show host issued the apology and also revealed her interactions with GROWN MEN when she was only… Read more »

1st Time Home Buyer, Jobs & Expungement Info

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Get 1st Time Home Buyer, Jobs and Expungement info on Workin’ Women Wednesday! Miss Community shared some great info on KJ’s Klassified! Check it out and spread the work for those in need: District Attorney, Faith Johnson and others are offering you a chance to clean up your record with an Expungement clinic.  Call 214-670-7129… Read more »

Rookie Firefighter Fired For Gifting Watermelon

KJ's Cafe by KJ

A rookie firefighter was fired for gifting a predominantly black fire station a watermelon!! WHO DOES THAT?  And WHO said that would be funny?  Well, he learned a ‘rookie’ mistake costed him a gig! The 41-year-old firefighter, who was already on a probational period for the job, gifted a giant watermelon complete with a giant… Read more »

Eminem Goes In On Donald Trump

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Eminem goes in on Donald Trump and quiet as it’s keep…; folks are LOVING IT!!  LOL~  The rapper didn’t hold much of anything back and showl didn’t mince words in his freestyle rap that has EVERYBODY TALKIN! I was waiting on your president to send a tweet out… But Couldn’t Find No Nair One!! LOL~… Read more »

NeNe Leakes Apologizes For ‘Rape’ Comments

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Nene Leakes has apologized for her rape comments she made to a female heckler!  Leakes blasted the chick during her show in Oakland!  The audience ended up boo’ing her off the stage! Nene posted an apology on Facebook saying this:  “I truly regret and apologize for what I said from the stage in Oakland over the… Read more »

NeNe Leakes Gets Boo’ed Off Stage

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Nene Leakes gets boo’ed off stage in San Francisco and what she said to the heckler was way outta bounds! One heckler didn’t think NeNe was soo funny and that’s when the reality star WENT IN!  She told the female that she ‘hopes she gets raped by her Uber driver!’ GIRL, just soo nasty, soo… Read more »

Dove Apologizes For Racially Insensitive Ad

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Dove has apologized for a racially insensitive ad that has since been pulled from social media! The ad on their Facebook page showed a black woman removing her brown shirt to reveal a white woman wearing a lighter colored shirt. The soap company issued an apology  to Facebook and Twitter, saying the ad “missed the… Read more »

Jerry Jones Will Bench Players Disrespecting Flag

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones will bench players disrespecting the flag!  Do you agree with that?  This comes as no surprise because lots of people thought he would ban players from taking a knee anyway! According to The New York Daily News, this news comes shortly after the Cowboys lost at home to Green Bay… Read more »

Vegas Shooter Had Sights Set On Other Festivals

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Lawwwrd Ha’Mercy!  The Vegas shooter had his sights set on other festivals!! That just breaks your heart even more to think even more innocent people could have been killed like the 58 that lost their lives in Vegas! Stephen Paddock single handedly changed the course of history by committing the largest mass shooting event in… Read more »

Cam Newton Issues Apology For Sexist Remarks

KJ's Cafe by KJ

Well looks like Cam Newton man’ed up and apologized for the sexist comment she made to a female reporter! LOTS of folks really felt sometypaway about what Cam said, including sponsors!  Dannon yanked their yogurt endorsement and social media posts were letting him have it! Although some felt the comments were taken out of context,… Read more »