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Aisha Taylor Breaks Down About Divorce

Bless her heart, The Talk’s Aisha Taylor recently broke her silence about her 23-year marriage coming to an end!  Her husband filed for divorce and she has been ordered to pay him $2M in the settlement! Check out what Aisha had to say:

Trump Calls Latest Russian Probe ‘Witch Hunt’

Somebody REALLY needs to tell Donald Trump to sit down somewhere!!  The President is back on Twitter, using his platform to call the latest Russian probe a straight up “Witch Hunt”…. BOY BYE!! Of course Trump took to Twitter to vent saying this, “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American… Read more »

Empire Recap, Moving To New Time Slot This Fall

Empire was OFF THE HOOK Wednesday night!  Especially Lucious’ mama tho?  DAYYYUUUMMMM!!! Who say that coming!! (Check Out The Recap Spoiler)!! But did you know that Empire will be moving to an earlier time this fall?  Star will come on right afterwards!  Click here to read more!

Tulsa Officer NOT GUILTY Of Killing Unarmed Black Man

OK, Real Talk… did you really think they would find the Tulsa officer guilty?  Because they sure didn’t!  Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher during a traffic stop and was found NOT GUILTY! It’s pitiful how we have become accustomed to this way of thinking!  It’s sad how this kind of behavior has become… Read more »

Miss Community Adds New Posts To KJ’s Klassified

It’s Workin’ Women Wednesday and ‘Miss Community’ dianne gibson shared some really great things on KJ’s Klassified! Check it out! There will be a youth job fair on Friday, May 19th 9a-4p if you are between the ages of 16-24yrs old be at the Dallas Convention Center 650 S. Griffin St for ages 16-24  Click… Read more »

Janet’s Plan To Get Her Body Snatched Before Tour

Janet Jackson is getting ‘SNATCHED’ for her upcoming tour! She has started a really rigorous diet to make sure she is in tip top shape! BTW The State Of The World Tour is coming to Dallas in Sept! CLICK HERE to win your way in… to see how her results are paying off!! CLICK HERE… Read more »

Andy Cohen Speaks Out About Phaedra’s RHOA Exit

Well, looks like Bravo’s Andy Cohen has finally spoken out about Phaedra Parks’ RHOA Exit!! Basically saying that nobody wanted to even fool with her after that lie she told on Kandi and Todd! Lawwwrd Ha’Mercy!! Cohen said that “No One Wanted To Work With Her”… and really, can you blame them? WHO DOES THAT… Read more »

First Look At Lifetime’s Michael Jackson Movie

Lifetime really needs to quit it! LOL~ The network just premiered the very first trailer for Michael Jackson, “Searching for Neverland” and let’s just say, Well ummmm…. TWO WORDS for ya… NO MA’AM!!! They REALLY should have let BET do it! LOL MJ impersonator Navi stars as the Michael. Searching for Neverland premieres May 29… Read more »

Ronnie Devoe To Be New Dad To Twins At 50

Congrats to one of our favorites from New Edition and BBD, Ronnie Devoe! He and his wife just revealed that they are going to be new parents to twins! This will also be the R&B Singer’s first run at fatherhood at the tender age of 50! Check out the cool way the couple made the… Read more »

Hoodrats Rob Elderly To Front On Instagram

How RAGGEDY do you have to be to rob from the elderly just to FRONT on Instagram? Is it really that serious? LOL~ well apparently two con artist think so! Two hoodrats did just that and flaunted their lavish lifestyles on the gram by scamming a pair of elderly women out of almost $600,000! Aint’… Read more »