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Norstrom Selling $425 Fake Mud Jeans

I’ve OFFICIALLY seen it all!  One of our favorite department stores is selling some FAKE MUD JEANS!  but get this… they’ll set cha back a few HUNDRED dollars! Nordstrom is now selling Fake Mud Jeans for $425!!  And folks are BUYING THEM!! LOL! REAL TALK, would you buy them tho?? Uhhh No Ma’am!!  Click here… Read more »

Too Soon? Nick Gordon Has A New Girlfriend

The first thing I thought, when I  read this story about Nick Gordon having a new girlfriend is… RUN, GIRL, RUUUUN!! Looks like Bobbi Kristina Brown’s old flame/ brother (YUCK) Nick Gordon is moving on with his life!  He has been spotted posted up with a new girlfriend! Click here to check out the pic… Read more »

Gabourey Sidibe Was A Phone Sex Operator

Here’s something you may not know about ‘Becky’ from “Empire”… she used to be a phone sex operator!!  WHO KNOW, right?  LOL! That’s right, Gabourey Sidibe used to be a phone sex operator! Check out what Gabby had to say about her old gig…

KJ’s Keepin’ It Real On #BeautyShopTalkLive

Girl, I love talking to you every morning on #BeautyShopTalkLive It’s MY way to connect with you and tell you what’s up in the headlines and also a way to provide some much needed stress relief through laughter! Every morning at 10am, I go live on Facebook. Check out The Tuesday Edition:

Makes Fakes Airport Threat To Avoid Side Chick

In YOU BIG DUMMY news! A man had to figure out a way to avoid his side chick, at all costs! He really must have run out of lies to tell and had to think of something GOOD… or at least HE thought it was a good idea! LOL This fool FAKED an airport bomb… Read more »

Jesse Williams Divorcing Wife, Wants Joint Custody

Ohh Noo! Looks like actor Jesse Williams is divorcing his wife to Aryn Drake-Lee! The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star and his wife were married for 5 years even though they’ve been together for 13 years. The couple has 2 children, the youngest is a year old and the actor is seeking joint custody and NO spousal… Read more »

DHA Accepting Applications For Housing Vouchers

The Dallas Housing Authority is now accepting application for the housing choice voucher program. Open enrollment period is now! For more information on how to apply Click Here for all the details…

Aaron Hernandez’s Funeral Monday In Hometown

Aaron Hernandez’s family will lay him to rest Monday in his hometown! WOW! It’s still hard to believe that the former Patriots committed suicide by hanging himself in his prison cell. Hernandez was just acquitted of double murder but was still serving a life sentence for killing his friend Odin Lloyd in 2013. His homegoing… Read more »

Serena Williams On Maternity Leave Until 2018

Congratulations once again to Tennis Star Serena Williams and her fiance Alexis Ohanian! The couple are expecting their first child this year! Serena has already started her maternity leave, which will be for the rest of 2017! She said she will return next year after her baby is born this fall! Click here to read… Read more »

Mary J Blige Says Kendu Blew $420K On Girlfriend

NAW HE DIDN’T… laaawrd ha’mercy! It’s mo’ drama for Mary J Blige! You know she’s going through a very nasty divorce and her soon to be ex has his hand out like a cup! But get this, now Mary is saying that Kendu blew HER MONEY on his new girlfriend! Accorinding to TMZ, Mary J… Read more »