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New Season of Mary Mary Filled with Drama for the Gospel Duo


Mary Mary

*Mary Mary fans will experience a variety of personal and professional challenges that await the gospel duo when the third season of their self-titled reality TV show premieres next month.

For Tina Campbell, that means dealing with discussing her husband Teddy’s infidelity in the pages on Ebony magazine. According to a press release, Tina will struggle with her desire to forgive “the man she thought she knew” as she searches for answers. As she tries to be there for her sister, Erica begins to realize that Tina isn’t always interested in her sister’s advice.

Speaking of Erica, the other half of Mary Mary will find out how difficult it is to go solo. The challenge takes center stage when Erica worries that she’s unable to connect with the crowd without her sister as she debuts her new single in New York City. To further complicate things is a ruptured vocal chord for Erica and whether or not the stress of a solo career is too much to handle.

The ladies of Mary Mary aren’t the only ones dealing with issues on the show. The pair’s manager, Mitchell, is finding himself in professional jeopardy after losing multiple Mary Mary bookings and forfeiting Erica and Tina’s trip to Africa. On top of everything will be Erica and Tina dealing with news of their father’s terminal illness and untimely death.

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