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Marvin Gaye’s Sister’s: We Don’t Get a Dime of Blurred Lines



*Marvin Gaye‘s sisters are pissed at their brother’s ex-wife Jan, claiming they are being cut out of the $7.3 million she and the Gaye children won in their suit over the hit, “Blurred Lines.”

According to the Daily Mail, Gaye’s sister Zeola, 69, says that she and sister Jeanne, 78, are living modestly in apartments in Las Vegas. She said that the singer’s ex-wife Jan Gaye — possibly holding a grudge regarding Zeola’s 2011 tell-all, “My Brother Marvin” — has no plans to kick over a portion of the judgment against Robin Thicke and Pharrell, that went to her and the singer’s three children (Marvin III, 49, Nona, 40, and Frankie, 39).

Zeola told the Daily Mail that when the Marvin Gaye was gunned down by his father in 1984, he hadn’t left a will. “His estate went to his heirs which we agree with — but Jan controls it all and that’s why we do not get anything,” Zeola said. “The bottom line is that they get everything and we don’t get a dime. We try and live with that, but it is difficult.

Zeola — who actually sang on the song “Got to Give it Up,” the track that fueled the lucrative copyright lawsuit — said that “a few million” would be a life-changing sum for her.

“Marvin would have hated to have seen us like this — he would have cared for us and made sure we were fine financially and with love,” she said. “It is hard knowing that all that money is going around and we will never see any of it.”

Zeola continued, “I don’t want to be rich: I just want to be comfortable where I can be in a position to say, ‘Come on guys, get your passports, we are going to London.’”


Tension between the sisters and ex-wife has reportedly existed for years, as Zeola, in her tell-all, claimed that Jan, 55, had cheated on the singing legend with the likes of Rick James and Teddy Pendergrass.

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