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Woman Drunk Texted Boyfriend then Ran Red Light and Killing Friend in Passenger Seat


This is why you can’t text and drive. I know I have done it and this right here will cure me..

Mila Dago sent chilling texts to her boyfriend before causing a fatal crash, police said.

A Florida woman texted her boyfriend, “Driving drunk woo … I’ll be dead thanks to you,” minutes before plowing through a red light and causing a fatal crash, police said.

The driver, Mila Dago, survived the August 2013 crash and is awaiting trial for the death of her friend and passenger Irina Reinoso, 22.

Dago had gone out in Miami that night as she was dealing with breaking up with her boyfriend, according to police records obtained by the Miami Herald last week.

Throughout the night, the then-22-year-old sent her boyfriend 60 bitter texts, including some that seem chilling after the crash, police said.

“I’m done you ruined me … you’ll be the death of me,” Dago

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