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Timbaland On Caitlin Jenner; I’mm Call Him Bruce



This is funny…

According to Timbaland is not interested in respecting Caitlin Jenner’s wish to be called by her new name since transitioning from Bruce Jenner.

The producer shared a meme from the barbershop scene in “Coming to America,” where the character played by Arsenio Hall refuses to respect Cassius Clay’s new Muslim name, Muhammad Ali.

“His momma named him Clay, I’mm call him Clay,” he famously said.
The meme shared by Timbaland on Facebook: “His momma named him Bruce, Imma call him Bruce. Yeah but Timbaland your Moma didn’t name you Timbaland either.

Timbaland of course is Executive Music Director and the man who produces all of that good music for our favorite show Empire!

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