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Russell Wilson, Ciara Practicing Abstinence: I Need You To Pray For Me


 What??!!  Russell Wilson have not had sex with Ciara yet and they have been practicing abstinence since they started seeing each other in April. He revealed this is a interview recently, and asked everyone to pray for him because he says she is so beautiful.

Now he really has my respect.  About a month ago, Russell and Ciara stopped by the radio station, and while Ciara was doing her on air interview, he quietly sat back and waiting for her.  He took pictures with us but you could tell it was all about Ciara, and he was not trying to upstage her in the least.

I personally think these two may end up married, because you can see the chemistry they have with each other.  I also think its a upgrade for Ciara, after what her ex Future put through.  Plus, Future can’t get her a invite to the White House. (lol)




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