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Living Single Star Kim Coles Ties The Knot: Guess Where He Proposed


Living Single‘s Kim Coles was just fine, well, living single, when she met her now-husband Reggie Mckiver.

A former SWAT cop, he was assigned to be her security escort at a natural hair expo, and they were enjoying each other’s company, but they felt something special when Mckiver (who also owns a health food store) took her hand to read her energy and ended up holding it “a little big longer than he should have.” That fateful meeting all led to this: a sweet, intimate wedding in the Dominican Republic

After a long-distance courtship, Mckiver surprised her by proposing without a ring at an OLIVE GARDEN (“I didn’t have a stitch of makeup on!” Coles says, while Mckiver jokes, “I was just going to ask for the eggplant parmesan!”). But in a stroke of luck, he found his mom’s long-missing engagement ring at his sister’s house to give to Coles, and the wedding planning was set into motion.


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