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Where My Peeps At? American Music Awards Tonight


Ok The American Music Awards are coming on Tonight 7 PM on ABC/Channel 8, and when I looked at the line up, I’m scratching my head and wondering where are the African American Stars and Superstars?

We are so under represented on this awards show.   Ok so Mary J Blige, Beyoncé and Rihanna are nominated in the Favorite Soul Category, and Favorite Soul album nominations go out to Chris Brown, D’Angelo, and The Weekend, but not much more.

I know that sales plays a big part of the nomination process, but come on can’t we have some more performances on stage?  Where is Tyrese , Anthony Hamilton and Mary Mary?  At least a performance… Let’s hope we can get one from Mary J.

Now I am looking forward to seeing J Lo do her thang but still,  I’m just saying…Where my peeps at?

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