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Sheree Whitfield Says She Is Not Married To Felon


Sheree Whitfield says she is not married to felon.  That’s according to the website  I hear you Sheree but the picture she took with Tyrone Gilliams kind of tells a different story.  Unlike Kenya who I think has the fake marriage to get more camera time, (especially with Ne Ne and Kim coming back) Sheree says no they are just good friends and the picture is from when she went to visit him last year.  But the question is who is this Tyrone Gilliams and what is he in jail for?  Tyrone is currently in federal prison doing time for scamming more than 5 million dollars from investors, according to the United States Department of Justice.  Before his arrest, he was considered a Ivy League Businessman on another level, a few steps up from Apollo Nida.

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