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Fears For Kanye’s Mental Emerge Heatlth After Manager Firing



Fears for Kanye’s health emerge after manager firing.  We know Kanye West canceled 21 tour dates in 2016 after suffering a mental break down.

People had said at the time of his 2016 breakdown that it was due to the death of his mom, the stress of juggling his fashion line and the tour, and acute sleeplessness and paranoia.

Now Kanye has dramatically just fired his manager Scooter Braun and others in his inner circle — despite having just announced five new albums on Twitter — with sources spreading rumors online that those fired were “very worried for Yeezy’s mental health” and that he could be suffering from “another episode. Only time will tell.  I still say being with those Kardashians is playing a big part of his problems.  Those women are man eaters.  If you look at the men who have been involved with them, they don’t seem to do well

Look at Lamar Odom, Tristen Thompson, Scott Disick, Rob Kardashian, and Bruce even became Katlin.

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