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LisaRaye Officially Engaged



LisaRaye officially engaged.  Again… I didn’t see her choose Anthony Bryant Monday night on ABC’s show The Proposal.  10 contestants tried to get her to choose them for her hand in marriage.  I’m sorry but I think these shows are so full of it.  A courtship in front of millions of people and you really get to know this person that way?  No it’s fake for the camera’s and a few weeks later after the camera’s go away the couple breaks up.  Of course they did because they never knew each other in the first place.  Ok back to the story…I am a fan of LisaRaye and would like to see her happy.  According to thejasminebrand, LisaRaye and Anthony Bryant are officially engaged.  This will be her third marriage and hopefully the third time is a charm.  Good luck and congratulations.

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