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Dak Prescott’s Dad Arrested for Weed


Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott’s dad arrested for weed. Yes, Dak’s daddy was arrested while driving down hwy.87 near Houston.  He was pulled over for a traffic violation when the officer’s discovered the less than 2 grams of weed. Now Dak’ dad is 57 years old and at the age isn’t it time to stop smoking weed? I have some friends in their 50’s who still smoke… How do you get things done? I know back in the day when I smoked weed, I couldn’t get anything done. That’s one of the reason’s I quit smoking, the other reason was getting paranoid, but to each his or her own I guess. The exception of course is medical purposes. Come on man stop the madness. What age did you give up smoking weed?

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