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Will Smith to Jump Out of Helicopter for his 50th Birthday


Will Smith

Will Smith will be facing his fear of heights for his 50th Birthday, The Fresh Prince accepted a challenge from Yes Theory, a YouTube channel ran by three international students who studied together in Montreal and wanted to challenge themselves to do 30 things they’ve always wanted to do in 30 days.
The channel is geared toward helping people get out of their comfort zones and 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube love to see lengths the men will go to live life. Six months ago Yes Theory challenged Will to a heli-bungee over the Grand Canyon and he accepted.
The jump will take place live on Will’s YouTube channel on September 25th. Smith is jumping to bring awareness and donations to Global Citizen’s education campaigns, and one lucky fan will even get to join him.
Fans can donate as little as $10 for a chance to get flight and accommodations to the Grand Canyon where they will watch Will jump, afterward they will have lunch and photos with Will and his family.
What are some things you would want to do if you had only 30 days to do it?

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