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Waitress Stiffed By Group”We Don’t Tip Black People”



Jasmine Brewer is keeping her head high after a run-in with a group of racist customers at Applebee’s in Radcliff, KY.
Earlier this month Jasmine waited on a table with a $50 tab, at the end of their meal instead of leaving a tip the group left a note for Jasmine that said, “We don’t tip black people.”
Jasmine said that both couple’s were well dressed and she did everything she could to make sure that they had a good experience.
Jasmine’s mom posted the note on Facebook and Jasmine received over $170 in tips from strangers.
Jasmine said, “I hope with all this getting exposed, people learn to love people for who they are and stop being cruel.”
Restaurant workers, what is the craziest experience that you have ever had? What would you do if you received a note like that?

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