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If You Want to Delete Facebook it Takes Up to 30 Days



Between hacks, data breaches, scandals, fake news and friends sharing one too many baby photos, you might have finally thrown in the towel and decided to delete Facebook. But after you hit the button, it’s not over.
To combat buyer’s remorse, the social media giant instituted a 14-day “undo” period, where you can restore your profile. They’ve now upped that to 30 days.
But even after the month, the account isn’t fully deleted. Facebook says it takes up to 90 days to remove everything you’ve ever posted.
For those who feel deletion is extreme, Facebook has a halfway feature where you can deactivate your account, thereby making it inaccessible to yourself and others, but it can be brought back when you’re ready.
Have you tried to quit Facebook? How long did you last? What caused you to go?

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