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Town Threatens Trick or Treaters Over 12 With Jail



Town Threatens Trick or Treaters Over 12 With jail time.  Halloween is the time of year where you can go door to door collecting candy, but in one Virginia town, the fun is limited to kids under the age of 12.  What?? Are these people serious??
An ordinance in Chesapeake, VA states that anyone over 12 years-old who is caught trick-or-treating is risking a fine of not less than $25 up to a possible $100 and or jail time for up to six months.
The same town also has an ordinance that fines people who are caught trick-or-treating after 8 pm. That misdemeanor crime will cost you from $10 to $100, 30 days in jail or both.
What age should be the cut-off for trick-or-treating? What is the craziest thing you have ever been stopped by the police for?

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