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Kanye West Shoe Sales Still Going Strong


Kanye West

Kanye West shoe sales still going strong.  Despite a majority of the hip hop culture not agreeing with Kanye for his political views, the sales of his Yeezy brand shoes are still strong.
After Kanye announced he was done with politics, radio host Ebro suggested that he only made the change because it was starting to effect his money and that his new Yeezy release wasn’t doing well.
Contrary to what Ebro and others think his new Yeezy’s Mauve 700 shoe did better than previous releases.
As a matter of fact, just recently his Yeezy brand got a billion dollar value that is said to be even more by the end of this year.
Did you get rid of your Yeezys once Kanye went political? What is it about the Yeezys that you like so

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