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Tamar Braxton Goes MIA during Snoop’s Play



Tamar Braxton goes MIA during Snoop’s play.  At Sunday’s stop in D.C. of Snoop Dogg’s play “Redemption of a Dogg” one of the stars, Tamar Braxton, was MIA and people are wondering what happened.
The audience knew something was funny when the comedian who appears at intermission was MIA, and after an hour the crowd was told the delay was because of “technical difficulties.”
Then when the show finally came back, Tamar’s role was being played by another actress!
The play’s writer Je’Caryous Johnson came out afterwards to talk about the show, but he got so many questions about Tamar that he finally said, “she had an emergency.” What that emergency was still isn’t known, and fans still aren’t happy.
Do you think Tamar is a loose cannon? Would you excuse her absence if you knew why she wasn’t there?

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