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TLC’s Chilli Gives Props to Cardi B



TLC’s Chilli is giving props to Cardi B.  TLC’s Chilli is giving props to Cardi B for the way that she’s handling her issues with her estranged husband Offset.
“I have gone through a public breakup and it’s not easy,” Chilli said to People magazine. “When strangers know your business and want to chime in while you’re still dealing with the pain yourself, it’s difficult.”
Chilli also mentioned that she thought Cardi was “braver” than she was because she just shut down after her publicized breakup from Usher.
“She has a strong sense of self,” Chilli continued. “That’s why fans have connected with her this way. She talks about her highs and lows; she is fearless.”
Do you agree with Chilli’s praise of Cardi B?

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