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Fantasia Will Perform at the Aretha Franklin Tribute



Fantasia will perform at the Aretha Franklin Tribute.  The internet was in a tizzy when the names of artists performing at Aretha Franklin’s Tribute concert were announced and some important names were missing.
Tyler Perry is hosting the event. Names such as Patti LaBelle, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Bebe Winans and SZA were listed.
Social media started listing who they wanted to see perform and one of the names mentioned often was Fantasia.
Fantasia took to social media to announce that she is performing at the tribute concert and was asked back in October to do it. She said that lately she has chosen to lay low while creating a different sound for her next album.
So no worries, she is performing!
Who else would you like to see perform at the tribute concert?

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