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Man Gets 5 Months Probation for Breaking into Rihanna’s Home



Man gets 5 months probation for breaking into Rihanna’s home.  Eduardo Leon, 27, has received five months probation after pleading no contest to breaking into Rihanna’s home. Leon jumped a fence and spent 12 hours in Rihanna’s home while she was away.
He was found by Rihanna’s assistant and was arrested for stalking, vandalism, and resisting arrest.
Leon will have a GPS monitor on for the first 90 days, he has to stay away from Rihanna for 10 years, go through drug and mental health treatment and he’s unable to use social media for the duration of his probation.
If Leon violates his probation he’ll have to spend 4 years and eight months in jail.
Do you think the punishment fits the crime? Have you ever had a stalker? How did you handle it?

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