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Diddy Admits to Having Three and a Half Hour Cry


P Diddy

Diddy Admits To Having Three and a Half Hour Cry
Diddy is dealing with a lot of emotions. He shared some of his feelings in a recent Instagram video.
Diddy said, “Man, I ain’t gon’ lie, I’ve been holding a lot of s**t in lately. Man, I just had a three and a half hour cry and I just let it all out or as much as I could tap into. That s**t felt great. Sometimes you gotta let that s**t out.”
He continued, “Everybody out there—men, women, and child—don’t be leaving nothing bottled up. Let that thing out. God be right there to let you know, ‘Come on, let’s get up, let’s go.’ But I had me a three and a half hour cry. God is good. Let it go y’all.”
Pharrell, Ty Dolla $ign and Kid Ink were among the people who gave Diddy support in the comments section.
When was the last time you had a good cry? Did you feel better after it?

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