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Towanda & Traci Braxton Accuse Toni of Being Indecisive


The Braxtons

Towanda & Traci Braxton Accuse Birdman & Toni of Being Indecisive
Towanda and Traci Braxton, sisters to Toni Braxton, are not sure if their own sister is married or not.
In recent interview, they told the interviewer that they (the magazine) would know more than they would.
Towanda said that Toni is a Libra and very indecisive. She said she is not planning anything else for Toni. She just wants to know when they are getting married so she can just show up.
When asked if they thought the Toni and Birdman relationship would play out on the 6th season of Braxton Family Values they both said they hope so.
Do you have a sibling or close friend who is indecisive? How do you deal with them?

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