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Fans Upset at Rihanna for Missing Met Gala



Fans Upset at Rihanna for Missing Met Gala
What??  The Rihanna Navy isn’t happy with Rihanna after she was a no-show at this year’s Met Gala.
To show their disappointment they took to Twitter and posted their disappointment.
“I just wanted to see Rihanna and Beyonce at METGala that’s all,” said one Twitter user.
Another user said, “Rihanna is full on breaking my heart.”  Really people?  I’m sure Ri Ri had other things to do… It takes a lot to prepare for this Gala, and maybe Ri Ri didn’t want to do it this year?  You know if she did it would have been fabulous though…
What celebrities did you want to see at the Met Gala?

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