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Fantasia: What Staff? I Lost Everything Twice



Fantasia: What Staff?  I lost everything twice.   After hearing what she had to say, I just found another reason to love Fantasia.  She really expressed herself to sister DJ Tammie Mac when in Los Angeles for the BET Awards.    She really spoke on how she lost everything twice, due to having too many people in her business.  She had so much money going out and ending up losing everything twice.   She now says no to celebrity chefs, trainers, cooks her own food, and if she had the money she still would not spend it on some of the trapping’s of being a celebrity.   She is keeping it real.  As a DJ I understand the perception of people thinking you have all this money and a lot of us just don’t.   She certainly said what a lot of people feel… As I said another reason to love Fantasia.

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