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Spinderella Allegedly Suing Salt-n-Pepa



Spinderella Allegedly Suing Salt-n-Pepa
Reports are circulating that Spinderella, the former DJ of the legendary group Salt-N-Pepa is suing her former mates for unpaid royalties.
In the lawsuit, Spinderella states that she helped the group rise to fame and despite going into hiatus in the 90s, things took a turn when she found out a “Best Of” project was being released and she wasn’t paid the $125,000 she was promised by Pepa.
Spinderella also claims that she was never paid for the group’s Billboard Music Awards performance from last year.
In total, Spinderella alleges that she’s owed more than $600,000 in royalties, trademark infringement, breach of contract, and fraud.
Does this make you sad to see these legends of hip-hop going to court? Have you ever had to take a friend to court? Did you remain friends afterward?

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