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Eminem Is the Highest Grossing Hip-Hop in 2019



Eminem Is the Highest Grossing Hip-Hop/Rap Artist in 2019 So Far…What Slim Shady is making money like that?  Yes he is at least on the concert trail…
According to Touring Data, they have released a list of the top 5 grossing hip hop/rap artists of 2019 so far-touring.
Eminem is #1. He made $6.2 million off of SIX SHOWS! He went to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Wellington, Brisbane and Honolulu.
His total box office gross is over $37 million, he sold over 335,000 tickets in SIX SHOWS.
#2 is Drake with $1.53 million off of 22 shows.
#3 is Cardi B with $1.14 off of 30 shows.
#4 Travis Scott woth $1.11 million off of 44 shows.
#5 Nicki Minaj $.57 million off of 22 shows.
What is the last hip hop concert you attended?

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