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R. Kelly Trying to Hire Michael Jackson’s Attorney


R Kelly

R. Kelly Struggling to Find Money to Hire Michael Jackson’s Attorney
R. Kelly wants to hire Michael Jackson’s attorney, Tom Mesereau, for his sexual assault cases, however paying for the top-notch lawyer isn’t going to be easy.
Mesereau, helped Jackson beat his 2005 case as well as helped Robert Blake, who was accused of murdering his wife, obtain a not guilty verdict.
Kelly held a 4-hour meeting with Mesereau but has not secured him as his attorney. Kelly’s current lawyer, Steve Greenberg, is being accused of wanting media attention over trying to help Kelly in his case, something Greenberg calls, “a complete load of crap.”
R. Kelly isn’t making any money while in jail and is currently paying his ex-wife $21,000 a month in child support.
If R. Kelly is able to pay Tom Mesereau, do you think he’ll get off on his charges?

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