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Why Gabrielle Union Left America’s Got Talent


Gabrielle Union

Why Gabrielle Union left America’s Got Talent.   When it was first announced that Gabrielle Union was not coming back to America’s Got Talent, I wondered what happened.  Then Jemille Hill tweeted that if Gabby left and did not make a statement about why she left means it is some mess involved.  It looks like she is right.  According to, Gabrielle’s contract was not renewed because she spoke up about problematic situations on the set.  Sources say she was the #1 talent on the show, and she wouldn’t just walk away from 12 million dollars, because she was busy.  When they say the network wants to switch things up, sources say that usually applies to women and black folks.   Remember, Nick Cannon walked away from the show (and 8 million dollars) because he said he could not be in business with a corporation who attempt to frown on freedom of speech, censor artist and question cultural choices. Nick also said that NBC stands (N***a Be Careful).   This is not good…

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