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Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Make T.I.’s “Virginity Test” Illegal



Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Make T.I.’s “Virginity Tests” Illegal
Now is this taking a joke to far?  Because T.I.’s “joke” about him taking his daughter to the doctor for a hymen check has now gotten the attention of Congresswoman Michaelle Solages , and she has introduced a bill that would make it illegal to do a “virginity test” as a means to confirm whether or not a woman is a virgin.  According to TMZ the bill says, “that if someone disregards these rules, it would be considered an act of professional misconduct.  The New York Congresswoman is also pushing for the act to charged as a D Felony “and” the physician to be charged with sexual assault.
Okay, what do you think of the bill?… necessary or an overreaction?

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