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Michael Strahan Opens Up About Kelly Ripa


michael strahan and kelly ripa

Michael Strahan is finally opening up about what happened between him and Kelly Ripa, when he was a part of the show, and how his transistion went down when he left the show to be a part of Good Morning America.  In a recent interview published in the New York Times, Michael Strahan was very careful about his statements about his former co-host, Kelly Ripa.
He said that when he first got into TV he was shocked about the different dynamic between sports and TV.
He said that in sports you can put as many greats as you want on a team together, but if one guy makes it about himself-it won’t work.
He said on TV he’s had jobs where he was made to feel like he was a sidekick.
He said he tried to have meetings with Kelly every few weeks and then one day she said she didn’t want to meet.
He clarified that it wasn’t as if he went looking for a job at Good Morning America; he was requested to take the job that he now holds.
Strahan said the situation could have been handled differently.  Still somebody could have let her know privately he was leaving, instead of her finding out like the rest of the world did.

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