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Ray J and Princess Love Sued for $20,000


More drama for Ray J and Princess!
It appears their lost dog, Boogati, has been found.
However, the man who found the dog has yet to collect the $20,000 reward and is suing the couple.
The complainant, Eddie Macione, said he found the pooch roaming around without an ID tag in Woodland Hills back in April 2019.
Macione took care of the fur person until he learned the dog belonged to Ray J and Princess with a reward of $20K with no questions asked.
According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Macione said that Ray J and Princess are using their status to scare him into not pursuing the reward.
Not only does Macione want the reward money, but he also wants money for damages too.
So far, no word from Ray J or Princess.
Do you think Ray J and Princess Love will pay up?

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