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Philly Entrepreneur Offers McDonalds Employees Higher Paying Jobs


Philly Boss

In Philadelphia, Saudia Shuler is well-known for throwing elaborate proms that go viral and for her restaurant, Country Cookin.  You may recall she brought Dubai to Philly for prom, even had camels in the middle of the neighborhood. She re-enacted Black Panther for another prom.  One morning, Saudia was in the McDonald’s drive thru when she encountered a young lady working the drive thru.  Saudia thought the young lady was very kind and proceeded to ask her how much she made an hour.  The young lady responded $7.00 an hour.  Saudia told the lady to walk out and come and work for her making $12 an hour. She did.  Another young lady who was being trained to be a manager heard the conversation and asked if she could come as well and Saudia said yes.  Both ladies walked out of the job. The entire incident was filmed and posted on Instagram.  Opinions were split on the act. Some thought it was great that Saudia was paying them more.  Others were disappointed with the manner it was done–not giving any notice to the employer.  Saudia said she was leaving McDonalds and off to the next drive thru. She later reported that she hired 11 people that day.  What do you think about what Saudia did and the way she did it?

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