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Kanye West Sued By Tech Company


Kanye West

MyChannel Inc. is claiming it got played by Kanye West.  A new suit by the black-owned tech company says Kanye used them to help promote his brand as well as to help launch his Sunday Service.  The suit alleges it worked for Kanye for 6 months based on promises, which included a $10 million investment. The company estimates it put $7 million of its own money into Kanye’s project as well as 10,000 man-hours.  The company also moved its headquarters to Calabasas and Chicago to make the partnership a little sweeter.  After 6 months, the company cut ties with Kanye, after it realized that Kanye had no intention of keeping his promises. In addition, the suit alleges Kanye stole their technology for his Sunday Service.  MyChannel is seeking more than $20 million in damages.  Have you ever made deals with a handshake or on a person’s word, only to have them back out of the agreement later?

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