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Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Wants $2 Million a Month in Temporary Support


Dr. Dre. and wife Nicole

Nicole Young is asking Dr. Dre for $2 million in temporary spousal support as the couple works through their divorce.

Dr. Dre says since Young still lives in their Malibu home and has access to the luxuries in life and he says the $2 million isn’t warranted because her lifestyle hasn’t changed.

While Nicole doesn’t want to rely on Dre paying the bills, she’s also arguing that a prenup she signed back in 1996 was torn up by Dre, however he says the prenup is intact and needs to be enforced.

Dr. Dre is worth over $800 million and plans on fighting the spousal support. The two got married in May of 1996 and share two adult children.  We thought this one would get nasty with so much money involved, and it looks like it is just getting started.

Do you think Dr. Dre’s wife should get $2 million in spousal support?  Or has she been smoking some of “The Chronic??

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