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Matthew Knowles to Teach Master Class


matthew knowles

If you ever wanted to get into music management, get ready to learn from one of the best, Beyonce’s dad!  Matthew Knowles is heading to the virtual classroom for the University of Houston to share his secrets in a master class on music management. After all, he did manage one of the biggest music stars on earth!   In an interview with ABC 13’s Melanie Lawson, Mr. Knowles said, I learned I had to continue to learn. This requires a lot of time and focus and passion and information and building the right team. You sometimes have to learn those the hard way or you have these types of opportunities by listening to someone who’s done it on a high level.  Mr. Knowles will take on his new role beginning next year in January, via a fifteen-week virtual course.  The class will set you back $3,000 if you are a non-student and $1,000 for students and alumni of the University of Houston.  If interested, register now because spaces will go fast!  Will you enroll in Matthew Knowles’ master class in music management?

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