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Taraji P Henson Confirms Split From Fiance Kelvin Hayden


Taraji P Henson

Our girl Taraji P Henson has called it quits with her fiance Kelvin Hayden.  She said she tried.  Therapy and all but if both people don’t work to make a relationship work then it won’t.  People started asking questions when Taraji was celebrating her 50th birthday party with her girls that also included Mary J Blige but Kelvin was noticeably missing.  Sorry to hear this you know we want you to find your true love Taraji.  Henson shared, I haven’t said it yet, but it didn’t work out. I tried, I said, ‘let’s do the therapy thing’ but if you’re both not on the same page with that, then you feel like you’re taking it on yourself and that’s not a fair position for anybody to play in a relationship.  Henson didn’t reveal exactly what caused the split, but she did say, My happiness is not his responsibility and his is not mine. We have to first learn how to make ourselves happy, to make each other happy. So when one person is taking on the weight of the entire relationship, it’s never going to work. You have to show up, yes you want to be understanding but you can’t lose yourself in that understanding. You have to still stand up for yourself and be there for yourself but it’s hard to do if the other person isn’t doing that either.

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