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T.I. Says Says Women Don’t Want a Man Who Don’t Have Other Women


T.I. and Tiny

Oh lawd…T.I. has opened his mouth again making the statement that “women don’t want a man who ain’t no b*tches’.  That’s what he said on his ExpediTIously Podcast.  It’s pretty well known in the entertainment circles that T.I. and Tiny have an open marriage.  He says deep down Tiny is ok with his cheating because deep down she’s ok with the fact that other women desire her man. I’m not sure she is totally ok with his cheating, which resulted in her separating from him for a while.  So the question is…do you want a man that no woman wants or do you want a man who is desired by other women?  I say that I want I a man that I desire and he desires me and I trust my taste in men.  If other women desire him that’s okay too.

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