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Motherhood is a Job and 50 Leaders Say You Should Get Paid


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Mom’s are basically the CEO’s of the household, right? Mom’s don’t get paid CEO money for being a Mom, but that could change.  A new plan called “Marshall Plan for Moms” created by Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani, is asking President Biden and his team to pay mothers.  The plan asks for a monthly payment of $2,400 be paid to mothers throughout the pandemic for their hard work and also asks for paid family leave, pay equity, and childcare.  Saujani states “It’s time to put a dollar figure on our labor. Motherhood isn’t a favor and it’s not a luxury. It’s a job”.   Many celebrities are supporting the plan including: Charlize Theron, Amy Schumer, Gabrielle Union, and Eva Longoria. What do you think?   How much should Mom’s get paid monthly? Is $2,400 monthly enough or too little?

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