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Andra Day Discussed The Transformation Into Billie Holiday


Andra Day

In a forthcoming interview with Oprah, Andra Day talked about transforming into playing Billie Holiday.   She said, “I will say that the portrayal of Billie Holiday was paradigm-shifting, life-altering, so I’m changed so drastically even with the role alone. Even if not had all of this had not happened on the heels of all of it.”  She added, “To answer your question as to why I believe this role came for me was really to heal me and shake me of this idea of sort of self-sabotaging of feeling constantly unworthy, constantly inadequate, because I didn’t have the right education or I didn’t feel I was smart enough. She freed a lot of things in me.”  Andra’s interview with Oprah for OWN Spotlight: Andra Day will air on March 6th.   What has been the best movie you’d watched recently?

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