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Ex-Death Row Producer Suggests Suge Knight Used To Sleep With Halle Berry


Halle Berry

A former producer for Death Row Records was interviewed and asked about the women who used to date Suge Knight.

Kurt Kobane, obviously a play on the Nirvana frontman, says that love letters were found after Knight went to jail from Halle Berry. “I seen [sic] Halle Berry at the studio, I just didn’t know what she was there for. She was into him at the time,” says Kobane.

Kobane also talked about everyone calling for 2 Pac at the time, “I mean from Left Eye to Monica — and Monica was only 15; she wasn’t getting callbacks or anything like that — I’d be hanging out by the receptionist desk and a lot of times it was Monica calling. She could never get back to the studio. She was too young…”

What do you think of Halley Berry dating Suge Knight? Are you surprised?

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