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Arsenio Hall Returns to Late Night


Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall made a return to late-night filling in for Jimmy Kimmel this week. On Monday’s episode (July 12) Hall revived some of his late-night staples including “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” and of course he entered the studio to the nostalgic sounds of “Whoof Whoof.”

The former late-night host questions Earth’s billionaires rushing to Space, meth-addicted fish, and blue jeans that look like you peed yourself. Instead of going, “Hmmm” he replaced it with the more contemporary, “WTF?”

Hall tried his hand at more Kimmel-style segments such as taking cameras to Hollywood Boulevard to question people on the crisis in Zamunda, the fictional country where his Coming To America character is from.

What did you think of Arsenio Hall returning to late-night?

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