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Phaedra Parks gives support to NeNe Leakes dating again


Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks offers her support to NeNe Leakes if she chooses to date again after the passing of Gregg Leakes.  Phaedra said, “If NeNe wants to find love, she is gorgeous and she’s got a great body. So I say, go after it, honey. If that makes her happy, I support it. In my business, I see people die every day unexpectedly.”  Leakes has said that there have been many men sliding in her DMS.  Phaedra continued, “I just talked to her last week and we laughed, so she is doing as good as anyone could expect from someone in her situation. It’s hard to lose a spouse, though. It’s hard to lose anyone but especially someone like Gregg, who absolutely adored NeNe. He was her biggest cheerleader, so it’s tough.”  How short is too short to move on from losing a spouse?

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