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Chris Brown’s Aunt Gets Cooking Show


Christine Brown

Chris Brown’s aunt, OhSoBella will star in her own cooking show on Paradox Universe starting February 1st.

According to the show’s producer, director and CEO of Paradox Universe, Joseph Mbah, the show will cater to young African-American women and give Brown, “the chance to be herself and have fun creating great dishes in the casual, ‘regular folk’ way.”

Mbah says, “There’s no hiding the blemishes—sometimes Christine’s ingredients don’t all end up in the mixing bowl, sometimes she blurts out profanities when things don’t go right, sometimes she even does spit-takes while drinking bottled water when she can’t believe what she’s just seen or heard from her guests…the bloopers are baked into the show, which is an embrace of everyday cooking imperfections.”

You can watch Cooking with OhSoBella at

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