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Keyshia Cole Drops Message About People “Who Hurt You…


Keyshia Cole

The R&B singer didn’t say a word about Antonio Brown, but his fans were quick to bring up his rude posts about Cole on social media.
While Cole is working on her latest album she did some work with Antonio Brown, who released his Paradigm project. On it, Cole was on a track called “Don’t Leave.”

Cole recently revealed that she had feelings for Brown and missed him “a lot,” however he didn’t feel the same. Brown took to social media with humiliating posts about Cole and a video where he said, “We don’t want you!”

Cole responded indirectly to Brown with a selfie on IG and the caption, “I will never understand how some people will go out of their way to hurt you, Or make u feel some type of way, out of spite,” she wrote. “Some people really AREN’T GOOD PEOPLE. I ain’t tripping. Just neva forgetting … forever take notes. I think it’s best not to let these people taint you… gotta be a cold world they living in. Especially when they KNO all the things you’ve gone through. Keep ya head up beautiful… you’ll be just fine! [purple heart emoji].”

Do you think Keyshia Cole will ever find true love?

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