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DJ Jazzy Jeff Reveals That Will Smith Would Have Slapped Mike Tyson


DJ Jazzy Jeff

Recently, DJ Jazzy Jeff gave his opinion on Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap and said that Will would have slapped Mike Tyson.
Jazzy Jeff said, “When it happened and I saw him walk up there, the one thing I would say – cause I’ve had people say, ‘Oh he wouldn’t have done that to no gangsta.'”
He continued, “Let me tell you something about Will. Will is somebody that cliff dove in Jamaica and couldn’t swim. Will was the person that whatever he’s afraid of, he runs to. I ain’t got that in me. I don’t have that in me at all. I’ve watched Will almost die numerous times running straight.”
He added, “Will would’ve slapped Mike Tyson. It did not matter who was there. Will would’ve got his ass beat, but he was going to do what he was going to do regardless of who it was. It wasn’t for fake. It wasn’t for show. I have to protect. If that was a grizzly bear, he would have did it. I know him.”

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